Of Energetic Exchange and Captain America


Before I became a massage therapist, I NEVER believed in woo-woo ~energy~ things. Crystals, auras, all of that--it all sounded pretty farfetched. Since I've started working in this field, though, I've had to revise that opinion based on simple empirical, first-hand experiences. I have gotten nausea, headaches, and anxiety from clients before. It’s a very weird and distinctive feeling when it happens: I can tell that it’s coming from outside of me, because I have experienced all of those sensations before myself…but the sensations I get from clients are slightly different. I have also GIVEN THOUGHTS TO MY CLIENTS. This one time when I was first starting out, I was massaging this guy who was very quiet, no talking. My mind wandered a bit and I found myself re-playing Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which I had just seen in theater.

Out of NOWHERE, after HALF AN HOUR of silence, this guy says, “You know, I bet Captain America has made it to the cheap theaters by now.”

O_O “Why do you say that?” I asked. O_O

“Well, I’ve been meaning to see it, and it just popped into my head.”

So, yeah. Our bodies run on energy, down to every cell. It only makes sense that somehow, that extends outside of ourselves and takes something of our own thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations with it. How, I don't know. I'm still not much of a crystal, aura-ish person. but I can't deny things that I myself have felt and seen and experienced.